Skydiving To be honest I spent my leisure time diving out of planes, in advance of moving to Israel and diving into my internship with Search Engine Optimisation masterminds at Kahena Digital.

Unsurprisingly identical could be said about starting out in website optimization.

Skydiving isn’t a hobby one merely cought into it’s a sport that needs dedication, trial and error, box out thinking and optimisation world through completely newest eyes, I figured I’d write about my ask what better to compare it to hereafter find out how to skydive. Now please pay attention. From what we hear it was very much more Search Engine Optimisation friendly than this modern one, By the way I personally under no circumstances had opportunity to experience Keyword Tool. Anyone understands going into this field that you have to be perpetually make a goodhabit to stay at the game top, Its simple knowledge that what’s very true in technology one day may review completely next. A perfect example of it’s Google’s last all of a sudden transition from the Keyword Tool to the Keyword Planner.

Skydiving I actually feel similar dedication to practice and persevere is usually related in optimisation field. While inventing modern means to use ols provided and still landing safely on their feet, Point being is that rather than throwing their arms up in defeat, team moves forward. The actual question is. Not sure if you’d better be adding more or less keywords to our title tags? It’s still a rewarding explore, results are not unexpected to anyone who works in site promotion. Etsy tried their hand at split testing to optimize their meta data.

Shabbat Shalom! As a result, Our renovations have officially kicked off.

Skydiving Stay tuned for our fresh look. Exciting times at the Kahena Office! Whenever getting rammed in side by another jumper, avoiding canopy collisions, uncontrolled spins, landing off dropzone in a cow field next to a river… yes we are looking at all things I’ve experienced and learned from, this unpredictability sport was usually immense and you have to be almost ready to handle anything, the shoe falling off. None of this has stoped me from jumping. A regular saying in skydiving world is any jump they practice something modern. Like in make a goodhabit to land in skydiving, What’s cool is, expectation is that they won’t be a master in the start, not even close. I’ve come to them as an intern, almost ready to study ALL THE THINGS about website optimization, ok what we mean to say is I want to practice as much as I usually can about all exclusive facets that make Search Engine promotion and dive deep into piece that interests me most. Keep reading! What they have usually been doing, however, is probably giving me ols to begin my exploration into site optimisation world. Merely keep reading! The idea for me is to try and fail, and LEARN. I am the quintessential newb, and most probably gonna be for loads of my time here, as Shlomo puts it.

Here at Kahena, they have yet to have me jump off of a chair to show my ability to absorb an impact.

Kahena take’s their clients under their wing and helps them land intentionally near, So in case not at, search p results.

Whenever landing where you intend to has usually been a huge factor to success, and saves you lots of preventable ‘leg work’, In, no doubt both skydiving and marketing. With luck near p but for the most part in an area that most eyes can’t see, lots of businesses that lack SERP optimisation haphazardly fall somewhere on google results page.

By the way I feel like the engineers at Kahena act as canopy coaches for their entrepreneurs.

He had me jump, over and over, off chair onto the ground in this awkward ‘toessideofshinsthighsbackroll’ until he was satisfied with my newly acquired dance move.

Come my first landing this was extraordinarily useful and saved me from eating field. My coach put me up on a chair and showed me how to let my body absorb a poor impact landing. Known first thing you’re taught probably was how to fall… with finesse, when be able to skydive. Now that I’ve figured out basics they could thoroughly feel good about all jump aspects and have some REAL fun. Obviously, Skydiving has proven to me to be amid the most exhilarating sports I’ve ever participated in.